From Vicenza...

Established in 2005 in memory of Giovanni Braga Rosa, son of the owners Vittor Luigi and Vilma Braga Rosa, the foundation was born from the concrete and active desire to develop, promote and disseminate the knowledge of the artistic and cultural heritage so dear to the beloved Giovanni.

... For Vicenza

The desire to share and make known the historical and artistic heritage, have led to various actions such as:

• Collaborations with the bodies of the Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage;

• Establishment of scholarships aimed at instilling in young people the love, respect and preservation of our artistic, historical, literary and musical heritage;

• Establishment of scholarships aimed at researching historical, archaeological and artistic material pursuant to art. 1 of Law 1089/39;

• Promotion and dissemination of knowledge of monuments and works of art;

• Promotion of initiatives aimed at the realization of works of restoration of the artistic and cultural heritage;

• Organization of exhibitions, training activities and cultural exchanges between young people and artists of various nationalities.

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