Selected as a world heritage site by Unesco, the Palace, in the heart of Vicenza’s historic city, is one of the most significant of Palladio’s buildings.

The Giovanni Braga Rosa Foundation was established in 2005 to promote culture and art, as a memorial to the palace owners' son.

Every year, in collaboration with the Junges Musikpodium association, young students of different nationalities take part in a music masterclass under the supervision of some of the most renowned Italian musicians. The masterclass ends with a concert in the palace rooms.

A school competition called “Un monumento con me” has been set in partnership with the city of Vicenza. Students are asked to choose one of the monumental highlights of the city and make their own interpretation through artistic works.

In the last few years the Palace has been opened to the public and made available for hire to help fund the continuous maintenance and restoration works.

Other events:
First – exhibition of Contemporary Italian Jewelry, techniques and materials between art and
design, 13 January - 15 March 2008

Rabarama & Zoccai - Jewelry and sculpture exhibition

Genius Loci by Lorenzo Lovo, Busellato Art Gallery - Painting exhibition