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In the atrium before the monumental staircase, a wall niche houses a wonderful statue made of Vicenza stone representing the allegorical figure of Fame surmounted by the Corno Ducale and with the Valmarana’s emblem in her hands.
The author of this amazing sculpture, which come to us intact with a red shade on the lips and a black shade on the eyebrows and pupils, is unknown.
Going up the monumental staircase, on the first wall niche on the right is the bust of Leonardo Valmarana.

The doors of the central hall are richly adorned: this is probably the work of Architect Muttoni.

Above the doors are five busts representing: Isabella Nogarole, wife of Giovanni Alvise Valmarana,
Giovanni Alvise Valmarana on the opposite door.
A third important bust is placed on the central door facing toward the little room with a barrel
ceiling; it represents the Consul Mario from whom the Valmarana’s family probably descend.

The big fireplaces which were in almost every room of the Palace are no longer there.
At the time of the restoration works, a fireplace of the XVII century, probably designed by Muttoni,
was positioned in the second biggest room of the Palace after the central hall.
The walnut and briarwood doors of the central hall have been copied upon those of the Palladio’s
Rotonda where Muttoni worked, around the same years.
At the time of the restoration works in 1961, lead glasses were applied on the windows following the
original design.




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