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Oil on canvas, 210x220cm

Nymph assailed by a satyr
The dramatic pose of the nymph, her white flesh and sinuous belly, stands out against the background of the fluttering cloth under the grey sky.

Oil on canvas, 210x220cm
Semele and Giuno
The myth tells the metamorphosis of Giuno as Beroe, the old wet nurse of Semele, to take revenge of the love between the young woman and the king of Olympus, instilling a terrible suspicion into her mind. Semele demanded Zeus that he reveal himself in all his glory as proof of of his divinity and she was killed by his splendour.

Oil on canvas, 210x220cm
Io and Argus made asleep by Mercury
The landscape is rendered in a faint tone.
The keeper fell asleep for the gentle sound of the flute played by a young boy; the winged hat is the unmistakable symbol of Mercury, who appears here very modest and demure.
Io, transformed into a heifer, is made turning by the music.
The dull colour of the landscape is in contrast with the shining tint of the characters who stand out against the landscape with force.
Next to the door are two large portraits of Lady Buzzaccarini and Lady Clara Varotari.
On the credenza is a sketch representing The Wedding at Cana by Alessandro Varotari.
Between the windows stands a painting by Carpioni representing Diana and Endimion.

Oil on canvas, 210x220cm
Dejanira abducted by the centaur Nexus
The moment Carpioni depicts in the canvas is the agile and sudden leap of Nessus with his arms enhancing the pressing chase and turning the face toward an upset Dejanira. She invokes the help of her husband Hercules, visible in the background, in the vain attempt to stop the centaur.
The boldly red drapery emphasizes the contrast between the white flesh of the woman and the darker flesh of Nexus. The leap of the centaur offers Carpioni the opportunity to delineate in the background a faraway landscape of grey rocks and mountains with blurred outlines.

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